Merry Christmas

Or as SD would say, have a good pagan festive day!

Dont get too merry and get in trouble today, enjoy time with your families. Game a bit if you can, but remember today is a day for the children. Enjoy your time with friends and family!

Active staff wanted!

Looking for members to once again recruit. Anyone interested should post in the forums or email

Looking for webmasters with wordpress experience or willing to learn to keep the website running and adding content to help attract new recruits and keep active members updated.

Looking for members wanting to blog about gaming or anything to add more content to the site. Have you been looking for a place to blog about your gaming prowess? Then here is your opportunity!

New website and forums

The web host changed their php without any notice and the forums crashed and could not be restored. Since we had to redo the forums we decided to switch to another forum provider and went to a wordpress site with a vanilla forums. Please give us some time to update and fix everything. If you register with the website you should be able to use forums and if you register with the forums (discussion) you will be registered with the website…

Moving forward we hope to better utilize the site and the forums, any clan member got the banner woody made? I know its still on his image host I lost the link and would like to put it back up or if anyone is creative enough to make a new banner…